Como blogger de redMint, tengo la suerte de poder mostraros este bonito collar (con script RLV) de regalo que Moni ha dejado para nosotras en su rinconcito de la Hair Fair 2018 (brunette). Además he escogido uno de los dos peinados que ha creado para la feria, novísimos y tan buenos como siempre. Puede que esta vez la luz del prop esconda sus texturas un poco, espero que me perdonéis por ello.


As a redMint blogger, i am proud to show you the nice gift (RLV scripted ) that Moni has set to you at redMint’s corner at the Hair Fair 2018 (brunette). Also I am wearing one of the two hair styles that she has creates for the fair, so they are fresh and new, and look as good as always. This time lighting maybe could hide its texture, hope you can forgive me for that.


Créditos / credits

(r)M – RLV – Pared-Down Choker –> HF’18, Goody Bag
(r)M Hair No.59’18 –> Hair Fair 2018 (Brunette)
7 Deadly s[K]ins – FRIDAY HUD omega FACE&BODY caramel —> TheEvent – FitMesh Plaza & 50% Discount Event October 1st

My Cello Suit


¡Podría decir tantas cosas! Yo creo que aunque no te guste demasiado la música clásica, si cierras los ojos y escuchas, Bach te puede llevar hasta lo más alto. Lo más alto de alegría y de tristeza también. Justo hoy me he encontrado con esta suit, y he descubierto que la puedo por fin volver a escuchar y disfrutar, sin que algo se me rompa dentro. Hoy es un buen día.


I could say so many things! I do believe than even though you are not a big fan of classical music, Bach can lead you to the highest. To the highest joy and to the highest sadness too. Today i found this suit by chance, and i am glad to discover that I already can enjoy it again without anything breaking inside. Today is a good day.


Créditos / credits

~Blacklace~ Lacy: Romance Edition Mesh Set w Hud 4
Essenz – Barcelona (Black)
*ARGRACE* KOHAKU – Light Browns
7 Deadly s[K]ins – MONDAY HUD omega FACE&BODY caramel —> The Chapter Four 4th September
*!* EVE’olution-head 4b BENTO

Still believe in magic?



Sin palabras, solo un recordatorio. Hoy puedes encontrar una oferta especial en 7DS, así que, además de recoger esta preciosa skin en Blush, te recomiendo que te dejes caer por su tienda para encontrarla.
No words, and just a reminder. Today you can find an special offer at 7DS, so, appart of going to grab this nice skin at Blush, go to the main shop to find it.


Credits / créditos
Baiastice_Aly Blouse-All Colors+4 Bonus –>  The Liaison Collaborative
*ARGRACE* KARIN – Light Browns
7 Deadly s[K]ins – BROOKLYN regulair –> Blush Fair ~ August 28th till September 24th.

Eve’s back


De vuelta de vacaciones me encuentro con nuevos artículos de Absolut Creation para EVE, que ahora incluyen versiones para EVE y otros cuerpos mesh. Eve está actualizado, los hombros, en especial las axilas son de los mejores en Secondlife y es compatible con muchos artículos mesh aunque no estén “diseñados” especialmente para “ella”. A mi me fastidian mucho las hegemonías y voy un pelín contracorriente, por eso uso indistintamente Eve y Maitreya en cuerpos, pero en cara soy Eve’olution 100%. Estoy deseando que Ginger, además de animar ojos y labios, nos permita sacar la lengua, con esto ya seré feliz.

Coming back from holidays I found new articles from Absolut Creation for EVE. These new items include versions for other mesh bodies. Eve is renewed, and for me it has one of the best shoulder and armpits in SL, and is compatible with lots of products even though they were not specially built for it. I do really dislike the “hegemonies” and that is why I use indifferently Eve or Maitreya, but my face is Eve’olution 100%. Additionally to move eyes and lips, I long for Ginger allow us to show our tongue too, with that, i will be a happy woman in SL.

Sigue leyendo

The Hard times

The Hard Times

Over the last year I have learned a lot about myself and friends.  These are what I call hard times.

The Hard Times

The outfit mostly can be found at the Man cave event.

The back drop is a group gift by “The Bearded Guy“.

Créditos / credits

*!* -ADAM – Mesh body -v1.1
*!* ADAM-head -#beta v1.4 BENTO
*G Ravage_Jeans_Blue_Trashed
ALB MANE sneaker L snake by AnaLee Balut
DOUX – Toni Hairstyle
(( Mister Razzor )) Facial Hair Dalton – TINTABLE
HEVO – Chase Flannel Shirt Red
Chop Zuey – Phineas’ Axis Men’s Steampunk Necklace




Créditos / credits

Lyndy in Chains – Beadz Mesh Bikini Set Bikini set, Belly Chain Upper Armlets
Lyndy in Chains – Beadz High Heel Sandals

(r)M Hair No.53’17, Size+ ( A N I M A T E D )

Surfs Up

Surfs Up

Summer time and the beach brings out fun and joy in most.  Having a man’s best friend tag along makes the day even better.  Grab a leash and head down and enjoy the sand and the water on a nice summers day.


Surfs Up

Course being a bit crazy at beach is always a good thing.   My heart is on the beach times.

Surfs Up

The shirt shorts and shirt has 12 different choices and shoes has 8.  Compatible with Adams, Aretheric, Classic, signature, Slink and TMD.

Back drop is [Focus Poses] mesh Beach Terrain that can be used as a backdrop or any place you feel the need for a static display on a quite beach.   Very well made and low prim.


Créditos / Credits

*!* -ADAM – Mesh body -v1.1
*!* ADAM-head -#beta v1.4 BENTO
-NU- Cape Town Shorts ADAM
-NU- Henley Shirt TMP2 Sail
CHOP ZUEY – Anchor of My Soul Mens Necklace
REDGRAVE – Canvas Boat Shoes
DOUX – Mesh beard [Grey] .V2
DOUX – Mesh moustache [Grey] .V2
DOUX – Toni Hairstyle [UNRIGGED]